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We've avid pinball collectors, with over 10 games, shown below, in our current collection! All the games shown below are currently owned by us, and all pictures on this site are of our games. We collect games to play them, of course, but we also enjoy collecting them so they will be around for many years to come, and hopefully we will be able to pass them on to our children.

Click on an image of one of our games below to get more information on the game, including links to other sites, detailed technical information and the additions we've made to our games to keep them working in top shape or to add some extras to make them even more fun to play!

All pictures of games on this site are pictures of our actual games. Scroll down to see them all!
Click any game for more information, including game specific links

Theatre of Magic  Tales of The Arabian Nights  Johnny Mnemonic

Part of the beauty of the games is the detailed artwork in the backglass, the sides of the cabinets and on the playfield. It's for that reason that we wanted to include the pictures of the games shown here, rather than just text links. Even these pictures do not do them justice; you have to see them in person to truly see how great they are.

The Addams Family  JunkYard  Scared Stiff 

Of course, the mechanical portion of the machines is just as amazing. The small mechanisms can be either simple or rather complex, but they are always used in the most amazing ways, from levitating balls to making them disappear in one spot and reappear in another. Keeping these mechanisms clean and working is a challenge itself! And even then there are the times when a machine seems to have been designed with some minor mechanical flaw, and you must set yourself to the task of fixing it on your game to prevent future problems!

Jack*Bot  Indiana Jones  Monopoly 

And finally, there is the joy of finding an older machine that has not been kept up, and bringing it back to it's glory days with a lot of hard work and rebuilding. The following games of our collection need varying amounts of work to bring the back to full working condition.

Pat Hand  Star Pool  Funhouse 

Creature from the Black Lagoon  Breakshot  Cirqus Voltaire 


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