Johnny Mnemonic: The Ultimate Mind Game

Game Information

Johnny Mnemonic is a fast game with some basic shots and lots of points to be scored from combos and the spinner. The game, when properly maintained, is very fast and requires skill to play.

The neat "toy" in this game is the mechanical data glove (hand) which picks the ball up from the playfield and allows the user to drop the ball into a "matrix" which gives awards. Three balls in the matrix starts MultiBall!

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You can also see the promotional flyer for the game:
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The game was produced by Williams Electronic Games and sold beginning in 1995. The primary designer was Jorge Gomez. The beautiful art on this game was designed by John Youssi, who also did Addams Family and Twilight Zone!

Game History

This game was built for us from the remains of three other games. The best working pieces of each of the games was chosen and built into this game. While we ended up overpaying for this game because of that, the final result was a near-mint game with a perfect cabinet and no playfield wear. Click on the playfield for a closeup picture.

Custom Cards

Taking from an idea in, I've created custom pricing and instruction cards for all my games, all with a similar design. Click one of the following to see the Instruction Card or the Pricing Card. These are high quality 300 DPI images, 6.00" by 3.25", and should be printed as such.


For a copy of the latest ROMs:

ROM  Game ROM Revision 1.2 (Canada).

ROM  Game ROM Revision 1.2 (Regular).

ROM  Sound ROM Revision 1.0.

Name:Johnny Mnemonic
Purchased:Mar. 1999
Serial No.:53342-102480
Manufacturer:Williams Mfg.
Designer:Jorge Gomez
Art By:John Youssi
Graphics By:Adam Rhine
Brian Morris
Software:Tom Uban
Sound By:Dave Zabriskie
Music By:Dave Zabriskie
Mechanics By:Tom Kopera

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