The Addams Family (TAF)

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For more information on The Addams Family, see the Internet Pinball Database entry at The Pinball Pasture.

The game was produced by Bally Midway and sold beginning in 1992. 20,228 games were made. The primary designer was Pat Lawlor, who also designed favorites such as Twilight Zone and Funhouse.

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For a copy of the Version 1.5 ROMs:

ROM  Game ROM Revision 1.5.

Name:The Addams Family
Purchased:Jan. 2001
Serial No.:20017-060322
Manufacturer:Bally Midway Mfg. Co.
Controller:WPC Fliptronics I
Concept By:Pat Lawlor
Art By:John Youssi
Graphics By:Scott Slomiany
Software:Mike Boon
Sound By:Chris Granner
Music By:Chris Granner
High Score:267,671,800

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