The Addams Family "Shopout"

This page includes some pictures taken while I was "shopping out" (the) The Addams Family we purchased in December 2000.

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Dirty upper playfield

When purchased, the game was in fair shape with no specific damage, but while the game had been shopped by the seller, with new white rubber installed and the central playfield area cleaned, the back areas and areas under the plastics, as well as the ramps, were dirty enough that they kept the game dirty and made the rubbers ugly. Additionally, the playfield itself had minor scuffs and dulling from years of play.

The shot to the left shows the dirt on the playfield after the upper playfield parts have been removed from the game.
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Stripped Playfield

Because of that, I (nearly) completely stripped the top of the playfield.

I say nearly only because I choose to leave switches and pop bumpers in place because removing them can cause more problems than it fixes. I remove all parts screwed down to the playfield, and also remove most kickers and scoops coming up through the playfield. The result is nice and flat and easy to clean.

The shot to the right was taken while there still remained a few metal guides at the near end of the playfield and some plastic bumpers near the top end.
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Nice Cleaned Lower Playfield

Now that the playfield was unobstructed, I used Novus #1 to clean off the dirt, then applied several coats of Novus #2 to remove the fine scratches that had built up over the years. The Novus #2 really brought back the surface and made the graphics bright and crisp again! After the Novus, I applied 5 coats of a good hard Carnuba wax which really makes it shine and keeps the ball fast.

In the picture to the right you can see how good the playfield looks now.

Next, all the bulbs were removed and replaced, both on top of and below the playfield, as well as all bulbs in the backbox. Every plastic piece was cleaned during reassembly, and every metal surface the ball touched was waxed and cleaned before reinstallation. Also during reassembly, new, clean rubber was be installed.

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Ramp before cleaning
Dirty ramp
  Ramp after cleaning
Clean ramp

Finally, all ramps under the playfield were removed and cleaned. The shots to the right show how dirty the ramps were.

While working under the playfield, a few loose wires were found and resoldered. In addition, all the under playfield parts, such as the "Thing" hand and bookcase were removed, disassembled, and completely cleaned. The bookcase had a lot of built-up dirt, and had to be scrubbed to clean it, as did the box for Thing.

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Cleaned bookcase

A cleaned bookcase

Disassembly and cleaning the under-playfield parts was a challenge because of how close the parts were installed to one another. Disassembly of the ramps under the playfield was slow, but they really needed to be cleaned. Also, waxing of all the above-playfield metal parts took a while also. The ramp was cleaned with Novus #1, then polished several times with Novus #2 to make it look much better. Once everything had been cleaned, it was time for reassembly!

During reassembly, all switches were readjusted to give good response. Several scoops also needed to be re-welded. Reassembly was made a bit harder because I got sick with the flu for a week and a half just before I began to reassemble the machine. Luckily, I had taken a number of pictures with a camera, and had set out the parts in the order I disassembled them, so while it took extra time, I was able to successfully reassemble the game.

After the game playfield was reassembled, I waxed the exterior of the case, including the metal parts, and touched up a few scratches with black paint. A new set of pinballs, and the game was ready for playing! The digital display has been replaced just before I bought the game, so that's in great shape and is very bright.

The final result is a great looking and playing game.

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Playfield before cleaning
Playfield before cleaning.
Playfield after cleaning
Playfield after cleaning.

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