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For more information on Theatre of Magic, see the Internet Pinball Database entry at The Pinball Pasture.

The game was produced by Bally Midway Mfg. Co. and sold beginning in 1995. The primary designer was John Popadiuk, who also designed favorites such as Tales of The Arabian Nights and Circus Voltaire.

Also, take a look at the backglass from the game.

You can also see the promotional flyer for the game: Front, Back

Custom Cards

Taking from an idea in, I've created custom pricing and instruction cards for all my games, all with a similar design. Click one of the following to see the Instruction Card or the Pricing Card. These are high quality 300 DPI images, 6.00" by 3.25", and should be printed as such.


For a copy of the latest ROMs:

ROM  Game ROM Revision 1.3.

ROM  Sound ROM Revision 1.2.

Name: Theatre of Magic
Abbreviation: ToM
Birthday: 5/12/95
Purchased: Mar. 2000
Serial No.: 53339-104158
Manufacturer: Bally Midway Mfg. Co.
Controller: WPC
Flippers: Fliptronic II
Design: John Popaduik
Art By: Linda Deal
Graphics By: Brian Morris
Adam Rhine
Software By: Jeff Johnson
Sound By: Dave Zabriskie
Music By: Dave Zabriskie

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