Tales of The Arabian Nights (ToTAN)

The Original Tales of 1001 Nights

The collection of approximately 300 tales known in the west as 'The Arabian Nights' has evolved through eleven centuries of Indian, Arabic, and Person story telling.

Many of the stories take place in the magical cities of Baghdad and Bazrah found in the Middle East. The events were often supposed to happen in the reign of the great Caliph, or ruler of the Faithful, Haroun al Raschid, who lived in Baghdad in 786-808 A.D.

The wonderful stories that include Alladin and his lamp, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali-Baba with his thieves are told night after night by a young bride named Scheherezad. All the tales bring forth masterful Genies, surreal peoples in great lands full of magic, fortune with the power of imagination.

The Realm of Pinball

For you the player, the majestic city of wonders Baghdad, awaits. Beautiful dancing girls, music, flying carpets, mysterious monsters and caves full of gold lay ahead. The Sultan's only daughter has been imprisoned by an evil Genie, never to return. It is up to you to save the princess.

At your feet lay a golden lamp in the Bazaar. You pick it up and brush off the dirt. It begins to glow as a lovely Genie appears, "What is your wish?"

You are about to experience the greatest story the world has ever known. The Tales of The Arabian Nights!

Game Play

To get a feel for playing the game, examine the various playfield toys in the ToTAN interactive playfield. There are a number of fun "toys" on this game, such as the spinning lamp and the Genie. The center ramp is also very distinctive on this game. One of the most unusual toys are the "Spike Cages" that shoot up from the playfield to catch and trap your ball and prevent it from draining down the drains behind the flippers! The giant blue Genie with the glowing eyes also adds a lot to this game.

Also see the Rule Sheet for ToTAN, which describes the features of the game and how to play.


The image to the lower left is of the actual playfield on our Tales of The Arabian Nights game. The picture of the full console is also of our game. Click either for a larger view. (NOTE: The playfield picture was taken before the addition of the snake plastic and replacement lamp on the skill shot bracket.)

We purchased this game in December 2000. It was in very good shape, but needed a good cleaning, or "shopping out". For a description of the "shopping out" we did on this game, please see "Shopping out ToTAN".

Game Information

For more information on Tales of The Arabian Nights, see the Internet Pinball Database entry at The Pinball Pasture.

The game was produced by Williams Electronic Games, Inc. and sold beginning in 1996. 2300 games were made. The primary designer was John Popadiuk, who also designed favorites such as Theatre of Magic and Circus Voltaire.

Also, take a look at the backglass from the game.

You can also see the promotional flyer for the game: Front, Back

Custom Cards

Taking from an idea in, I've created custom pricing and instruction cards for all my games, all with a similar design. Click one of the following to see the Instruction Card or the Pricing Card. These are high quality 300 DPI images, 6.00" by 3.25", and should be printed as such.


For a copy of the Version 1.4 ROMs (mirrored from the Williams Pinball web site in case it disappears).

ROM  Game ROM Revision 1.4.

ROM  Sound ROM Revision 1.1 [S2].

ROM  Sound ROMs Revision 1.0 [S3,S4,S5].

Name:Tales of The Arabian Nights
Purchased:Dec. 2000
Serial No.:53347-102352
Manufacturer:Williams Electronic Games, Inc.
Controller:WPC '95
Art By:John Popaduik
Graphics By:Adam Rhine
Brian Morris
Software:Louis Koziarz
Sound By:Dave Zabriskie
Music By:Dave Zabriskie
Mechanics By:Jack Skalon
Ernie Pizarro
Joe Loveday
High Score:46,986,930

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