Tales of The Arabian Nights "Shopout"

This page includes some pictures taken while I was "shopping out" the Tales of The Arabian Nights (ToTAN) we purchased in December 2000. Click on any picture to get a larger view.

When purchased, the game was in good shape with only 2 damaged plastics, but the game had a fairly uniform layer of dirt over the entire playfield and all the plastic pieces on the playfield. In addition, well over 60% of the lamps (and 95% of the flashers) were burned out.

The first step was to carefully disassemble the entire playfield down to the bare playfield. This required figuring out how and then removing all ramps, plastics, guides, etc. from the top of the playfield and removing all lamps. Under the playfield, ramps were removed and all lamps were removed and discarded.

The picture to the left shows the work most of the way into disassembling the top of the playfield. The lamps have all been removed, alone with the plastics and a number of the playfield parts. The jet bumper playfield items have been removed already, and you can just see the kickers sticking up.

The playfield was not badly worn, but the lack of a good waxing was beginning to wear on the surface. You can see the beginning of wear in this shot. Look for the dulled areas.

This shows some additional wear beginning around the genie inner loop, and some dirt from under the plastics.

I threw away all the lamps, even the ones that were still working. I figured since it looked like the previous owner never replaced any lamps, the ones remaining were near the end of their life. Because of all the work to disassemble the playfield required to get at certain lamps, it was easier to just replace them now.

This is a shot of the upper playfield during disassembly.

Once the playfield had all the parts removed, I cleaned the playfield, and then applied 5 coats of playfield wax to protect the playfield art. Cleaning and polishing the playfield removed most of the dulling that occured from the previous lack of wax. It also brought out some of the color that was hidden under the grime.

At this point, I also disassembled the lamp in the middle of the playfield to clean all the plastics and to make it spin easier.

The lamp, along with every plastics part on the game, was cleaned with Novus #1 to remove the grime and clean it up. The plastic ramps were also polished with Novus #2 to remove fine scratches from the ball traveling down them so often.

These three shots show all the parts laid out before I began cleaning and reinstalling them. Each part was cleaned carefully on both sides to remove all grime. Several damaged or cracked parts were replaced with new parts from a plastics set I obtained over the internet.

The parts are laid out and grouped with the other parts they attached to or require for re-installation.

This shot is of the playfield after the wax has been applied and the lightbulbs replaced in the playfield. At this point I want to test that all the lamps (and sockets) are working before I begin to reinstall the playfield parts which will cover them up.

Additionally, a new sticker was applied to the back of the playfield because the old one was faded and curled up.

From this point on, I continued to clean and install the playfield pieces one by one, building up the game again, replacing lamps as I went. I also replaced a yellow playfield target with one of the correct color which had been replaced with an incorrect blue one in the past. The color is important because you are instructed to shoot at the yellow targets at one point in the game!

While assembling, I found several bad solder joints which were fixed. I also found several bad lamp sockets which needed cleaning. The pop bumped switches were also adjusted to give them good response.

All the rubber bumpers on the game were replaced with new rubber. The previous owner had the wrong color for some of the rubber parts, and some of them were loosing their bounce. The new rubber made the game more responsive and more fun to play!

This is a shot of the underside of the playfield, with the under playfield ramp removed for cleaning.

This is a shot of the final reassembled playfield. The skill shot bracket and the genie have been replaced with new undamaged parts, and all the lamps are new and working fine! Note that the lamp on top of the skill shot bracket has not been replaced yet in this picture. It had not arrived from The PinBall Resource yet.

This is a detail view of the uper half of the cleaned playfield with the new genie in place.

A front shot of the shopped game with the glass reinstalled.

Finally, this is a side shot showing the wonderful art on the case.

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